Rate Increases With Commercial Auto

 We are beginning to see rising rates in commercial auto insurance. Insurance Journal is reporting that insurers have posted losses over the past six years. Insurance companies initially appeared slow to react as loss trends outpaced rate increases. Commercial auto underwriting losses grew from $744.8 million to over $2.9 billion.  Insurers have been playing catch up as … More Rate Increases With Commercial Auto

State Legislature Changes Law Regarding Distracted Drivers

The idea of state standards for distracted driving may be changing. Many other states and municipalities have enacted their own versions of distracted drivers laws, and Georgia is starting to make changes of it own. The Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia wrote a report on the state’s work on the distracted drivers bill. According to … More State Legislature Changes Law Regarding Distracted Drivers

Welcoming Spring

Hello ALL! What a winter we’ve been having, Thank goodness Spring is just around the corner. I’m ready for it, I bet y’all are too! I can’t wait to go camping now that it’s getting warmer. Sadly, I’m not going to get enough of my outdoor time because I will be busy this Spring and … More Welcoming Spring

No Tax Free Back To School Holiday This Year

Recently, it has been brought to our attention that state lawmakers have failed to pass legislation that would have given Georgia a tax free weekend for the back to school season. This tax break applies to things like clothing, school supplies, and electronics. Saving money helps all parents and families, especially when it comes to … More No Tax Free Back To School Holiday This Year