As if Hurricanes Weren’t Enough, Now This….

This month’s Risk & Insurance (Aug 2018), an insurance industry trade journal, is reviewing the possibility of a Black Swan event striking the East Coast of the United States. In case the phrase Black Swan Event isn’t something you are familiar with it refers to an unforeseen event. The one we are discussing is an … More As if Hurricanes Weren’t Enough, Now This….

School Bus Accidents

Mark Plousis, Vice President, at Philadelphia Insurance Companies has this to say, “About 26 million kids take a bus every day, and all the activities associated with children entering and exiting a bus and being transported create a condition where children can get hurt, especially when the children are very young and maybe not as … More School Bus Accidents

What is Driving Workers Compensation Claims

This months Risk & Insurance (an industry trade journal), is reporting on some recent trends in Workers Compensation claims. I thought that I’d pass some of this information along to you. Slip and fall claims amount to $70 billion a year. Medical Cost Inflation in the workers comp sector was 400 percent between 1990 and 2015. … More What is Driving Workers Compensation Claims

Midsummer Round Up

Hi everyone! It’s mid summer and I thought I’d touch on some of the major topics we have had over the last couple of months Hands Free driving is now the law in Georgia. Here is a good article from the AJC that give you a breakdown on the law.–regional-govt–politics/georgia-just-passed-distracted-driving-bill-what-legal-what-not/PZXchE0AqAi1H8r7X8XrZN/ Here’s what we found … More Midsummer Round Up