New Trends in Vehicle Insurance

Our friends at Hagerty Insurance Company pointed out some interesting trends in Classic Car Insurance.¬†“Last year marked the first time that Generation Xers (born 1965-1980) and millennials (born 1981-1996) owned as many classic and collector cars as the generations that came before. This generational sea change has led to a new trend of collecting performance … More New Trends in Vehicle Insurance


Current News Maps Are Showing 2-4 Inches Of Rain For N. Georgia From Florence. Here is the link: The Predicted Path Of Florence Is Showing Her Turning West Toward N Georgia Through South Carolina on Saturday/Sunday. The projected storm track shows her arriving in Georgia between the Greenville SC area and Atlanta late Sunday/early … More MORE ABOUT FLORENCE

Hurricane Florence

Important Breaking News that you must read about Hurricane Florence! Major news outlets are reporting that Hurricane Florence will make landfall on Thursday, September 13 as a Category 4/5 storm. According to, tropical storm force winds are likely to arrive as soon as Wednesday night. So those in the path of Florence should have … More Hurricane Florence

Intersection Accidents: What is to be done?

The Federal Highway Administration indicates that there are about 2.5 million¬† intersection accidents a year. Frequently these accidents involve left-hand turns. 40 per cent of all accidents involve intersections. Half of all serious accidents happen at intersections and 20% of these involve fatalities. Nearly 200,000 accidents happen each year at intersections where one of the … More Intersection Accidents: What is to be done?