Hurricane Florence

Important Breaking News that you must read about Hurricane Florence!

Major news outlets are reporting that Hurricane Florence will make landfall on Thursday, September 13 as a Category 4/5 storm. According to, tropical storm force winds are likely to arrive as soon as Wednesday night. So those in the path of Florence should have their hurricane plans ready to avoid any further damage to their persons or property once it hits. Massive inland rainfall flooding is also expected and projected to be lingering all the way into next week. As of this morning, Florence is still more than 600 miles southeast of Bermuda, moving in a west-northwest direction.

The landfall is projected to hit South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. In fact North Carolina is already issuing mandatory evacuation orders for parts of the coastal areas. As of this afternoon South Carolina’s governor has issued an evacuation of the state’s entire 187-mile coastline. There is of course uncertainty in hurricane tracts because of their unpredictability. Since the projected landfall is for our neighbors to the north it is probable that parts of East and North Georgia will be impacted.

According to the Washington Post, (, “Hurricane Florence is rapidly intensifying on its path toward the East Coast and is now a Category 3 with 115 mph winds, the National Hurricane Center said in its 11 a.m. update. Florence is expected to become a strong Category 4 hurricane — nearly a Category 5 — just prior to landfall somewhere on the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic Coast on Thursday night.” If you check out the link above there are satellite images that you might find helpful. The Washington Post also concluded, “If Florence makes landfall as a Category 4 in North Carolina, it will be the strongest storm to come ashore that far north on record.”

Included you will find a link to the a radar for Charleston, South Carolina that shows what they are being hit with right now and what is to come, . Also, check out this link for the regional radar that covers both North and South Carolina, .

This storm system is also effecting the insurance industry and consumers as well. There is a large number of insurance companies that have placed a binding moratorium because of Hurricane Florence. This means that none of them will bind coverage on property, flood, boat, wind, and inland marine types of policies.

Please be prepared for any storm systems that will crop up because of Hurricane Florence that will impact our areas. Be mindful of traveling while this storm system is moving through our region and stow away anything that is not permanently attached to avoid damage to you or your property. We don’t want you to have any losses because of this impending storm.

Be careful out there while you’re traveling and at home!

Take Care,

Southern Assurance staff




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