Current News Maps Are Showing 2-4 Inches Of Rain For N. Georgia From Florence. Here is the link:

The Predicted Path Of Florence Is Showing Her Turning West Toward N Georgia Through South Carolina on Saturday/Sunday. The projected storm track shows her arriving in Georgia between the Greenville SC area and Atlanta late Sunday/early Monday.

Things are changing very rapidly and not for the best for us in N. Georgia. Be sure and keep up to date on this storm. Over 1.5 million evacuations are already ordered for the Carolina coastal areas. The time to act is now. Even if Florence drops below hurricane strength when she arrives here there are still things to do to prepare. Get all the stuff that is loose and can blow around picked up and put away. Gas up the car or truck, buy the milk and a loaf of bread, make sure your prescriptions are filled.

In the last two hours this has appeared:

Hurricane Florence is forecast to move slowly through the Carolinas and Southeast through this weekend and will CAUSE CATASTROPHIC INLAND RAINFALL FLOODING, life-threatening storm surge, and destructive winds.

FEMA is warning that electricity could be out for weeks in some areas.

Parts of Georgia could get up to 15 inches of rain. Western NC is looking at 8 inches of rain.


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