How Drones are Being Used to Help Consumers

There are many benefits to having drones in society and in the commercial world recently. Most of us think of them as being irritating things that the pesky neighbor kids fly over our backyard when we are trying to relax. With the invention of this technological marvel there have been a lot of advancements with their use in the insurance industry and with storm assessments around the country. Everyone from insurance adjusters, roofing contractors, and power companies are utilizing these flying wonders to help facilitate shorter down times for their clients.

According to a new article recently released by Property Casualty 360, an insurance field publication, drones have found a profound new calling in the service industry. Roofers are now using drones to help with assessing the state of their clients roofs and how to take care of problems that may arise sooner than people think. This particular article states, “These drones eliminate human error, including bias from an adjuster or inspector, delivering a more transparent and comprehensive analysis of roof conditions with the highest accuracy possible. This systematic, proven approach to inspections puts the customer first with trustworthy information and reliable reports, which leads to a much higher degree of assurance when making decisions and addressing repairs.” To learn more about what roofing contractors are doing you can read this article.

According to another article published by Property Casualty 360 State Farm Insurance Mutual Automobile Association Co has gained the approval to use drones to assess the damage from Hurricane Florence in the areas affected. ““Drone technology provides us with the capability to quickly deploy over a catastrophe site and assess damage from the air,” Robert Yi, senior vice president at State Farm, said in a statement on Tuesday.” To read more about the steps taken to get this far to using this drone technology to their advantage please see this article.

Power companies are also using drones to assess how they can service their customers/members in a more efficient manner. Another article by Property Casualty 360 states that, ““Drones are being used in the communities where the wind and rain have died down,” Reil said in an email Monday morning. “In many cases, crews are not able to gain access to the most heavily damaged and flooded areas until the storm clears and it is deemed safe for them to enter.”” With the use of the drones it is keeping power crew members safer in these types of situations. “Their numbers may seem small compared with the roughly 40,000 utility workers mobilized to provide assistance, but drones can provide faster access to flooded or otherwise dangerous areas,” according to the article. To read more about the implementation of the use of drones by power companies see this article.

These are just a few ways that the new drone technology can help consumers, cut down on response time and placing personnel in dangerous situations in different scenarios especially when it comes to catastrophic events such as Hurricane Florence’s aftermath.

Take care and we hope this gives you some insight into how these pesky things can be beneficial to our everyday life.





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