Things Only Get Worse With Michael!

I woke this morning to Michael has turned into a Cat 4 storm overnight. The media is reporting that Michael could be the worst storm to hit Florida in over 100 years. You should be glad that you aren’t in Panama City or Apalachicola this weekend. Keep those folks in your prayers, it will be a tough few weeks for them.

Closer to home, Michael is projected to track south of Atlanta, but as with all things, Hurricane changes can and do come very quickly. The media is reporting that Michael will enter Georgia as a Cat 2 storm and Georgia has declared a state of emergency. FEMA is reporting that this will be the worst storm SW Georgia has ever seen and that some areas could expect weeks without power in some areas.

There will be extensive damage to buildings and trees.

BTW my favorite Hurricane movie is Key Largo. It was directed by John Huston and stars Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson and Lauren Bacall . With a Director like that and stars like those, it is a sure winner. Truly one of the great movies and appropriate with Michael just around the corner.

The IMDB page:

As usual, we stand ready to help our insureds and the community as a whole. We can make the first reports of losses for any insurance company and are happy to do so for anyone. If you need a contractor we have extensive contacts in most trades. We’re here for you, Don’t be afraid to ask.

Take Care and Stay Safe.



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