Georgia Doesn’t Make It Into Top 10

We are so used to our state being in the Top 10 in so many different areas it is sometimes surprising when we don’t This is one of those times. A recent study (see the link below) ranked Georgia #18 in the states with the worst drivers. Unfortunately for us, and maybe this will change your weekend driving plans, Tennessee was #2 after Mississippi. The South has five of the states with the worst drivers. FWIW Generally Southern States have some of the lowest auto insurance rates.

While we are on the topic of wrecks there is an interesting study from Australia that is referenced here by the folks at New

In this study, Grey cars appear to play a significant factor in 32% of accidents with physical injuries, and White seems to be the least risky…

Just for laughs here is an interesting article about one of the worst drivers I’ve ever heard about. It is from England so the language may be a bit difficult.


States With the Worst Drivers – 2018 Edition


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