Driving habits have been changing and this affects us in a number of ways. As miles driven increase there is more demand for gasoline, which drives up prices at the pump which in turn increases the tax revenue that funds roads construction and maintenance. Noticed all the road work going on? Insurance premiums go up because the biggest indicator of the likelihood of an accident is miles driven. It is even larger than driving records.

These figures are a bit dated, but serve to illustrate my point. The growth in daily mileage driven from 2009 to 2014 they are taken from a study you can find here: 

  • Drivers 16 and older drive, on average, 29.2 miles per day or 10,658 miles a year, up from 29.0 miles per day in 2009
  • Among Adults 16-34, miles per day grew a whopping 20%
  • There is a direct correlation between the level of education and daily miles driven, with the most educated segment of the population driving the most
  • Men reported driving more miles than women
  • Caucasians reported driving more miles than respondents of other races, with Hispanic respondents reported driving the least
  • Teenagers and drivers ages 75+ also drive significantly fewer miles on average
  • About 50% of all miles driven are in a car, and another 40% in an SUV or pickup truck (van, minivan, and motorcycles are the other 10%)
  • People drive, on average, more on weekdays and less on weekends
  • There is a significant mileage gap between rural and urban drivers, but the gap is smaller on the weekends than on weekdays
  • People drive, on average, less during the winter months and more during the summer months

Here is a more current (March 29, 2018) chart from the Federal Highway Administration:

Average Annual Miles per Driver by Age Group

Age Male Female Total
16-19 8,206 6,873 7,624
20-34 17,976 12,004 15,098
35-54 18,858 11,464 15,291
55-64 15,859 7,780 11,972
65+ 10,304 4,785 7,646
Average 16,550 10,142 13,476

These are national numbers and frankly for the Metro Atlanta area seem low. My personal mileage seems to be closer to 30,000 miles a year, but that is probably high for the area. Driving Miss Debbie undoubtedly accounts for much of this.  ;- )


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