Hurricane Season May Not Be Over Yet

Recently the Atlantic has been quiet, but things may be changing. By the middle of the week, a tropical disturbance may become organized enough to become a threat. If the system tracks north far enough we could be seeing some unpleasant developments. The potential is there for the system to develop into a tropical depression. If so, she’d be named Patty. Technically the Hurricane season doesn’t end until November 31, but this late into the season developments are less common.

But if you think we are out of the woods, Hurricane Otto in 2016 became a CAT 3 storm on Nov 24th. The latest hurricane in the year was December 30, 1954-55, Hurricane Alice. Just to let you know how much time we have until the next storm turns up, back on January 3, 1938, was the earliest tropical depression. 

We’re posting our Holiday Office Hours on our FB page, but here is an advance indication of what they will be:  Sweet Wife and I will be traveling over the Christmas -New Year’s holidays. So let me wish each and every one of you Many Thanks for Your Support This Year, and I wish you a Blessed Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

Take Care, C/


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