Tiny Houses

Recently  I visited the Tiny House show at Atlantic Station (https://tinyhousefestival.com/). I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it sure turned out to be informative and entertaining. The weather, however, didn’t cooperate as it rained most of the time I visited there. If you are like me, you have seen a number of different shows about Tiny Houses in various media but never actually seen one in person. There were several exhibitors and Tiny House Atlanta built the first movable Tiny House Village. This pocket neighborhood was designed by local architects and showed the potential for a tiny house community. BTW there are several tiny house communities around N. Georgia. Most of the tiny houses fit into a niche a bit smaller than mobile homes/manufactured housing, but they are more focused on staying in one location rather than moving around like an RV. It is a diverse niche, so it is hard to generalize, but typically the construction techniques were the same or similar to residential construction but had an RV feel to them. Most were built on trailers(8×24 seemed reasonably common), but several were container hoses. The container houses showed some very creative and appealing aspects to the tiny house concept. 

Here are links to two of the builders I particularly liked:

Hummingbird Homes in Danville Ga 


These folks build to order but have a couple of models for you to look at and lots of pictures on their website. The owners are very friendly and willing to share their expertise and seem to have more experience than any of the other builders. 

Mustard Seed Tiny Homes in metro Atlanta 


Mustard Seed homes seem a bit larger and have more amenities than some of the other tiny homes. They are designed for permanent placement. Their Zion model is just about the perfect size for Me, Sweet Wife & Sadie Jane, our beagle. It even has a nice porch. 

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